Osprey Pointe


Osprey Pointe is a 55+ acre piece of property located in Pasco Washington with a gentle slope to the great Columbia River where you have a variety of city and mountain views. JMS has teamed with the Port of Pasco and the City of Pasco to develop this site into what will become a hub of excitement for Eastern Washington and Oregon. There will be a variety of over 600 homes/condos/rentals available as well as Commercial opportunities, Restaurants, a Marketplace for local venders, enhanced waterfront access, Concert venues and So Much More! 

We plan to start the Marketplace first for many reasons. #1 is to help revitalize our regions small business community as 2020 did a number on so many in so many ways. More information is coming but for now, please enjoy our slide show to get an idea of what we’re planning. And make sure to send us a message if you’re interested in joining the fun!!

For now, please leave all your information below and we will add you to our contact list and send you a Newsletter as we get closer to breaking ground.

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