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Our Vision For The Marketplace

We want to support local businesses and give back to the community by creating a self-sustaining environment for different businesses to support each other and offer a cental location for people to meet.



Q: When is this amazing plan starting?

A: Building is ordered, and we plan to turn in permits in December 2021.

Q: When is it going to be open?

A: Hopefully by summer 2022.

Q: When are spot reservations going to begin?

A: We are actively meeting with interested vendors, assigning spaces and handing out the Vendor Package. Letters of Intent to include: Business Name, Type of Business, how long you’ve been in business, what size space you are interested in and any other information you would like to include and can be emailed to info@jmstricities.com.

Q: Where can I see updates, changes, or meeting announcements?

A: We will keep everyone updated via Facebook, Instagram, JMS website and emails. Eventually, the Marketplace will have its own website.


Q: What is the price per square foot?

A: Our projected pricing will not be based off of square footage, but off of a pre-designated space/booth. There are multiple options for monthly leases:

            Outer 25 X 25 – $1,400

            Outer 12 X 25 – $900

            Upper floor 25 X 25 – $600 (must also rent the 25 x 25 space below)

            Middle 12 X 12 – $800

            Middle 6 X 12 – $500

            Middle 6 X 6 – $350

            Middle Table – $250

            Seasonal/weekend Table – $50 per day

            Seasonal Exterior spot 14 x 14 – $50 per day

Q: How long will lease terms be?

A: The first lease agreement will be for 6 – 24 months depending on type of vendor. There will be different lease agreements for seasonal or weekend vendors.

Q: Is space by lease only? Can we buy the space?

A: Lease Only.

Q: Are there going to be options for seasonal or weekend vendors?

A: Yes.

Q: Are multiple vendors able to use one space?

A: Yes. With approval from the Marketplace director. The agreement to share a space will have to be between the vendors themselves and the Marketplace.

Q: What are the requirements for reserving a spot?

A: Each vendor will need: A Washington State Business License, proof of insurance and a bond. Restaurants, bars or anyplace planning to offer consumable goods must have all the proper Washington State licensing.

Q: Is there going to be an entrance fee for visitors?

A: No.

Q: Would previous vendors have “first dibs” over the booths?

A: No. Each space is on a “first come first served” basis.


Q: Are there any plans to have “incubation” space for startups or small businesses?

A: While the Marketplace will not be able to help each vendor that comes into the space, there may be opportunities for showcasing and reduced rent. Another option is to share space with other vendors. The agreement to share a space will have to be between the vendors themselves.

Q: Would you allow multi-level marketing vendors or Direct Sales?

A: Undetermined.

Q: Are there going to be noise restrictions?

A: Only what is considered reasonable for a business.

Q: Is there boing to be a board of directors and paid staff for the market to direct and oversee?

A: Yes. The owner of the building will be requesting volunteers from the vendors to be part of a board.

Q: Are there mandatory hours a vendor must be open?

A: Currently, we believe all vendors should be open during regular business hours.

Q: How are communal spaces and interactions going to be managed?

A: By the Marketplace Director.

Q: Are there “no compete” policies in place?

A: There is not a “no compete” policy but we are not going to allow for duplicates for the same type of business.


Q: Are there going to be tenant improvements for the large spaces?

A: Some improvements will be done by the Marketplace as approved.  Each vendor is responsible for their own furniture, improvements, and “ambiance” to the space. All improvements will need a drawn plan and list of materials. Some improvements will need a permit from the city.

Q: Does each large space have direct access to the outside?

A: Only the outer spaces have a direct door to the exterior of the building.

Q: Are restaurants going to be inside or outside?

A: All spaces are inside the building. A middle space can be used at a type of restaurant but with no gas.  Most of outer units will have access to a patio that will allow for eating out in the sun.

Q: How tall are the ceilings?

A: Outer units are 12 Ft. Middle units are 35 Ft.

Q: Can the 12 X 12 middle spaces have refrigeration?

A: There will be access to electrical. If a vendor brings in their own refrigerator, then yes, they can have access.

Q: Will there be venting (hoods) for restaurants/bakeries?

A: Only outside units will be able to have a hood installed. This will be discussed on a one-on-one basis with each vendor.

Q: How can vendors lock up their spot during business hours?

A: The outside units will have a roll cage that they can lock. Middle units will need some type of system approved by the Marketplace.

Q: Will each outer space have the mesh-type roll-up doors for security?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Wi-Fi going to be included as part of the infrastructure?

A: Yes. Fiber optic high speed internet.

General Questions

Q: Will there be a stage for live music?

A: Yes! There will be no fee, but there will be a signup sheet and must be approved.

Q: Is each vendor able to set up their own surveillance system?

A: Yes, and the Market will have its own set of security systems in place as well security guards.

Q: Is this space going to be offered only to local and small businesses?

A: That is the goal!

Q: Can vendors bring small machinery with them? (Ex: sewing machine, coolers, monitors ETC.)

A: Yes. Each spot will have access to electricity and water. Outside units will have access to natural gas.

Q: Are there going to be boat docks? A: A later phase to the entire Osprey Pointe Development does have boat docks included.

More information will be coming soon! For now, please leave all your information below and we will add you to our contact list and send you a Newsletter. We were not able to break ground in 2020 as we hoped. Instead we put our heads together and revamped our Master Development Plan but The Marketplace comes First!

Thank you!

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